About Us

Some time ago, I was diagnosed with a disease that affects my hearing and vision. This situation made me think about the importance of inclusion. That is why, once I was “cured” (although with consequences for the rest of path) I decided to create a food company that puts inclusion at its core.

This is how Happy Food was born from the spirit of searching for the perfect food formula in line with new consumption needs. We work to bring QUALITY, INCLUSION, EMPATHY, JOY and INNOVATION to those who have some type of food restriction or who are seeking a change in their eating habits.

Federico Segreti – Happy Food

This is how HAPPY FOOD is made

Our production plant obtained an International Certification (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points -HACCP), which guarantees compliance with safety and security requirements in the food we produce.

All Happy Food products are gluten free; that is why, we follow strict guidelines to guarantee the correct preparation of our products, avoiding cross-contamination and ensuring quality for all our celiac customers.

Additionally, we have the Apto Diab├ętico (suitable for diabetics) seal from the Argentine League for the Protection of Diabetic People (LAPDI, as per its initials in Spanish), an endorsement that certifies that our products with no added sugar are suitable for diabetics. Likewise, our cookies are suitable for people with CMPA and vegans.

In addition, we are certified by Ajdut Kosher (Parev and Dairy). In this way, we work to offer a variety of foods according to the preferences and/or restrictions of consumers.

Happy Food, the joy comes from within!